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Autobrite Direct is ready and prepared for all chemicals and accessories needed for detailing from a pre-wash to correting and polishing. We are preparing high-usability products for general users and high-performance products for professional detailers to satisfy all chemical user base. Also, most of the Autobrite Direct products are very economical because of high enriched products with a high dillution ratio.

Autobrite Direct was estabilished in 2005 in the United Kingdom and we have become one of the most outstanding quality car care brands in the UK focusing on snowfoam car wash. We not only launch and sell detailing products, but also has offered detailing services and car care training programs for over 20 years since 1990. Now we are operating the professional field-tested team with a diffrentiated service based on training experiences. Autobrite Direct has developed chemical products based on the experience and knowledge gained through vehicle interior and exterior caring and detailing service business for 20 years. Therefore, Autobrite Direct products brings the same high-quality results with easy-to-use for even an amateur detailer. Also, we sell or provides chemical products and detailing services to more than 250 vendors around the world and also we are continuing the constant communication with headquarters.