Crystal Glass Cleaner Specifically designed for the rapid cleaning of all glass components on a vehicle. It is a fast action cleaner, which will dissolve pollutants on contact, with a single wipe operation. Will remove road grime, insects, and tobacco film, to leave the glass crystal clear both inside and out.
Clear Vue Glass Polish Clear Vue is a glass cleaning cream polish designed to intensively clean glass and perspex surfaces. It removes all traces of oils and even the heaviest of soiling to leave the glass surface clean,smooth and clear. Where some liquid glass cleaners dont remove water marks and contaminents.
Repel - Advanced Rain Repellent Repel is a new superior technology glass rain repellent that forms an invisible protective shield on all glass surfaces and rapidly repels water and enhance driver visibility in bad weather conditions. Repel will also protect the glass surface from grime, traffic film, salt, bugs, fallout, Ice and snow making it easier to clean away.
Repel will repel water at speeds as low as 30MPH(60km/h) and will effectively repel rain water from the windscreen without the constant use of windscreen wipers.